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Distributing the
Future all over the World

The future is already here... it’s just not evenly distributed. Silk Node Foundation is building the foundation for the Silk Road of our times: the legal, technical, and commercial infrastructure required for an inclusive interconnected global economy.

The future is already here;
it's just not distributed evenly.

The world has never been so materially rich, yet the people have never been so comparatively poor.

It's expensive to be poor, whether it stems from a lack of access to government services or even a lack of existing government.

It's expensive for the world to have so many poor: food crises, health crises, environmental crises, resource depletion, overpopulation, climate change, and other man-made disasters.

We have one planet to live on, and we are running out of time. We need everyone's co-operation and contribution for our survival. We must consign poverty and inequality to the dustbin of history.

Decentralised Distribution

Those long divided shall be united; those long united shall be divided-such is the way of the universe.

The power of centralisation should be respected, but the potential of decentralisation should not be neglected. The blockchain is the key technology for building an interconnected global economy, which is the key to rendering poverty and inequality irrelevant.

But blockchain alone cannot save the world.

Ideas with Reality

Revolution is the accumulation of evolution. We do not believe that change can happen overnight. We do not neglect the old world to build a new one. We leverage our networks to build the future today such that the future is accessible today.


Compliance Considerations

Silk Node works closely with government and professional services to ensure compliance to laws and regulations.


Enterprise Discipline

Silk Node builds modular product, service, and products-as-a-service offerings with security and operational guarantees.


Technological Fundamentals

Silk Node applies years of research in blockchain, cryptography, and blockchain cryptography into its systems.

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